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How to redeem a Needs Disc iTunes Code with the XML workaround
Wednesday , 05 August 2015 , 04 : 00 AM


Redeeming an iTunes code that requires the DVD Disc is rather simple once you have everything set up. You will be required to download iTunes if you haven't done so yet and have an active iTunes account. You will also need a USB Drive if you are on PC, it can have other files so no need to empty it. The steps can only be performed on a PC or an Apple Computer, it will not work with mobile devices.

Before attempting to redeem anything you need to download the necessary files. Depending on your operating system:

  • PC
    • Download XML File
    • Move the file to a USB/Pen Drive
    • Eject the USB/Pen Drive
    • Follow the steps below with pictures.
  • MAC
    • Download DMG File
    • Once you download the file you just need to open it
    • Open iTunes if it doesn't open automatically and it will bring you to the redemption page as explained below with the pictures. 


Step 1

Open iTunes...


Step 2

Insert the USB Drive into your Computer. iTunes will recognize the file as a DVD Disc and will change to the following screen...

Step 3

Enter your code and click Redeem...


Step 4

Enter your Login Credentials and click Redeem Code...


Once you click Redeem one of the following will happen:

  • Message "This code has already been redeemed"
    • Self explanatory, code has been used or redeemed.
  • Message "The code entered is not valid"
    • Code enter is incorrect, mistyped or not valid in iTunes.
  • Message "You must insert your Digital Copy DVD into your computer in order to redeem this code.
    • The iTunes code entered can only be redeemed with the Digital Copy Disc included in the package or the XML workaround.
  • Message "There was a problem..." as in this picture...

    • You can wait and after 1-2 minutes the confirmation box will dissapear and you will get the Redemption Confirmation as pictured below.
    • Click OK, go to library, select Movies and your title will be there.
  • The code will be valid as in the following picture...


You are done! Now enjoy your new movie!

  • Posted by: Jose Bibiloni
  • COMMENT BY: evideoclub
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Comments (4)
Comments by evideoclub March 01, 2019

In the youtube channel we got reports that this is working again.

Comments by Beeper March 01, 2019

The file looks to be not working any more. I have been using it for a while now with no issues. Then tried and not working. I went to redownload the file and it says the file is no good. Do you have any updated one?

Comments by mollymarie March 01, 2019

As of this morning this wonderful method doesn’t seem to be working anymore. All I get is a blank iTunes page that says iTunes store. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Comments by EricR July 21, 2017

Thanks! This is awesome, especially now that a lot of computers don’t have disc drives. Saved me the hassle of having to try on my parent’s laptop.