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How to test a code on iTunes
Saturday , 15 March 2014 , 12 : 59 AM

Testing a code in iTunes is a bit tricky but easy nonetheless. You will require to download iTunes if you haven't done so yet and have an active iTunes account.

Step 1

Open iTunes...


Step 2

Go to iTunes Store...

Step 3

Click Redeem...


Step 4

Login into your account...


Step 5

Enter your code and click Redeem...


Once you click Redeem one of the following will happen:

  • Message "This code has already been redeemed"
    • Self explanatory, code has been used or redeemed.
  • Message "The code entered is not valid"
    • Code enter is incorrect, mistyped or not valid in iTunes.
  • Message "You must insert your Digital Copy DVD into your computer in order to redeem this code.
    • The iTunes code entered can only be redeemed with the Digital Copy Disc included in the package or the XML workaround.
  • The code will be valid as in the following picture...

As you can see iTunes is asking if you want to download your movie now or later. At this point make sure not to click anything and instead open the task manager (alt+ctrl+del) or whatever is the equivalent on Mac. Select iTunes from the list and click End task...

After ending the task, iTunes will close and the code will remain unredeemed. You have succesfully tested your code so pat yourself in the back. Hope this helps you.


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